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Are you looking for a problem solver?

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Are you not sure what you need to improve your swim?

Any coach can assign you drills, give you workouts, or tell you how many yards to swim.  Coach Caron can help you achieve your goals through problem solving and solution finding in as little as 6 weeks.  Imagine where your swim could be in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 1 year!  Start today with an Introductory Swim.  

Still Reading?  Ask yourself:  Why am I here, looking at this website right now?  What problems are slowing me down, keeping me up at night, and keeping me from my goals and dreams?  Stop dreaming and make it a reality NOW by scheduling an Introductory Swim today.

Still not convinced?  Check out Coach Caron's testimonials below to hear from other swimmers and athletes how their swims changed by working with her.  


3 Easy Steps to Achieving Your Goals


Step 1

Contact Coach Caron to set up an Introductory Swim or consult her online calendar to see what times are available.  During this 60 minute session, Coach Caron will review your goals, introduce you to the facility, and get you swimming in the open water simulation pool to see where your skills are currently.  

Step 2

Based on where your skills are currently, what goals you have, and what timeframe you are willing to commit to, Coach Caron will recommend a program which will propel you to your goals and beyond.  These programs include:

  • Improve your Freestyle*
  • Freestyle Power for Speed*
  • Swim Outside the Lines (Successful Open Water Freestyle Swimming)*
  • Learn to Swim Options for Beginners and Those Wanting to Learn Alternate Strokes
  • Custom 6, 12, or 18 Session Packages
  • Video Recording and Analysis Sessions
  • Spend a Day or a Half Day with Coach Caron
  • Workout Sessions
  • and more

Imagine where you could be in 6 weeks, 3 months, 1 year.  Imagine how different your next race could be!  There are options for everyone!  

* If you can't make it into the swim lab, work with Coach Caron through her online learning packages, Winning Swimming University.  Online supported programs also have blog posts, video examples, printable workouts, email support, live Q&A support, and more.

Step 3

Work through the program chosen to propel you to your goals through one on one coaching sessions at the swim lab, step by step workouts assigned to build you to your new skills performed on your own, and bringing your questions to the monthly Q&A sessions.  Most of all...Believe you can make these changes!

Where Can We Take Your Swim?

Most triathletes come to the sport with a love of biking or running and want to add a new level to their competition but need help with the swim.  Coach Caron can help you with:

  • Easier Breathing
  • Better Form
  • Balanced Straight Swim
  • Speed 
  • Endurance
  • Having Energy Left in The Tank to Keep Racing
  • And So Much More

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...Taking 10 minutes off my previous swim time!

"I completed my Olympic Triathlon taking 10 minutes off my previous 1500m swim time!  Thank you for your assistance and coaching."  Kelly S.

The Improvement Was Dramatic...

“I am new to triathlon racing. I started working with Carolanne in January of 2013. We started with a comprehensive video analysis of my swim stroke and she immediately identified key issues which needed attention. We spent the next few months working on those issues and we then did another video analysis. The improvement was dramatic, both in my form and in the average pace of swimming I could sustain in the pool. Carolanne is very patient and flexible. The one-on-one coaching in a private environment with multi-camera feedback is extremely helpful.I highly recommend Winning Swimming to anyone who wants to improve their swim technique and pace. Both experienced and novice swimmers will see significant improvements from the coaching they get.” Eli S. 

...She Really Knows Her Stuff

"Awesome.  I went in thinking she wouldn't be able to help me reach my goals in 30 short minutes, but let me just tell you, she really knows her stuff.  I mean she knew right away why I was having trouble.  I wasn't sure about it at first but she really did help me become a better swimmer and that makes me very happy!"  Bianca G.

...Reduce my 100 yard split time by 30%...

 “I started taking private lessons with Coach Caron back in December not being able to swim more than 100 yards of freestyle continuously. I walked into my first session knowing that I wanted to correct my relaxation level in the water and my struggles with breathing. Coach Caron immediately made a few minor corrections to my form that greatly improved my comfort level. Over the next seven sessions I was amazed at the progress that I was able to make.

With Coach Caron’s guidance in a little over three months I’ve been able to reduce my 100 yard split time by 30% while doubling the distance covered in training sessions. I fully plan on going back in the near future to further fine tune my technique and learn some open water skills. ” Scott G.

From 1 Lap to .3 Miles in Open Water

“Amazing Coach.  I started training for the swim portion of a triathlon really late and could only swim 1 lap.  After working with Coach Caron for just 30 days, I was able to swim over 15 laps in a pool and .3 miles open water at the race.  She was able to identify my areas in need of improvement and teach me how to improve all aspects of my swimming.  I strongly recommend Coach Caron for anyone in need of improving their swimming.”  Sarah O. 

The Best Swim I Ever had in a Race

“Thanks to your coaching, I had probably the best swim I have ever had in a race. I was calm and relaxed- the only hiccup was in the last 50 yards or so going into the swim out, I got sandwiched between 2 people and got kicked a few times. I kept my cool, pulled up, and found a new lane. But during the swim I was calm and relaxed. I even passed a few people and used power and not a fast cadence to do it! I am usually getting passed by people so that was a big thing for me! I never felt tired, out of breath, or panicky. So imagine my surprise when I found out I shaved more than 1 minute off my previous best time there! I definitely could have pushed harder but was really focused on a calm and even swim.”  Meghan B. 

Invest in Your Goals

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