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Are you looking for a private pool to learn to swim?

Are you ready to confront your fear of swimming or of water?

Are you ready to cross this item off your bucket list?

Any coach or instructor can show you how to move your arms or kick your legs but Coach Caron can help you achieve your goals through problem solving and solution finding in as little as 6 weeks.  Not only has she taught teens and adults through the age of 86 how to swim, but she specializes in adult learners, has studied how to help adults with fear, has mastered several methods to teach swimming, and will use these tools to customize a program which will propel you to your goals.

Our Learn to Swim lessons are given in a private 1 on 1 setting so you can progress at your own pace and not have to be self conscious about performance or embarrassed by perceived lack of ability.

Imagine being able to sit in the water without panicking.  Imagine being able to float and move through the water with ease.  Imagine where your swim could be in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 1 year!  Start today with an Introductory Swim.


Still Reading?  Ask yourself:  Why am I here, looking at this website right now?  What problems are slowing me down, keeping me up at night, and keeping me from my goals and dreams?  Stop dreaming and make it a reality NOW by scheduling an Introductory Swim today.

Still not convinced?  Check out Coach Caron's testimonials below to hear how other swimmers achieved their goals by working with her.  

Not in New Hampshire?  Join Coach Caron's revolutionary virtual training program "Overcoming your Fear of Swimming"!  You can work with Coach Caron via telephone, video call, video submission and more.  Check it out here.


3 Easy Steps to Achieving Your Goals


Step 1

Contact Coach Caron to set up an Introductory Swim or consult her online calendar to see what times are available.  During this 60 minute session, Coach Caron will review your goals, introduce you to the facility, and get you into the water to see where your skills are currently.   Everyone has to start somewhere so wherever you are starting, we can build from there.

Step 2

Based on where your skills are currently, what goals you have, and what timeframe you are willing to commit to, Coach Caron will recommend a program which will propel you to your goals and beyond.  These programs include:

  • Work Through Your Fear
  • Swimming Basics
  • Learn Freestyle
  • Learn Backstroke
  • Learn Breaststroke
  • Learn Butterfly
  • Workout Sessions
  • and more

There are options for everyone!  Imagine where you could be in 6 weeks, 3 months, 1 year.  Imagine how different next summer could be! 

Step 3

Work through the program chosen to propel you to your goals through one on one sessions at the swim lab, step by step items to concentrate on and/or workouts assigned to build you to your new skills performed on your own, and bringing your questions to the next session with Coach Caron.  Most of all...Believe you can make the change! 

Where Can We Take Your Swim?

Most adults are uncomfortable to let others know they don't know how to swim and Coach Caron understands that.  Our private sessions will allow you to:

  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Break Down Any Challenges 
  • Have Focused Attention on Your Needs
  • Learn Proper Breathing Techniques
  • Learn to Float
  • Learn to Move Efficiently in the Water
  • Learn to Propel Yourself Through the Water
  • Learn to Swim
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Finally Cross "Learn to Swim" off Your Bucket List
  • And So Much More

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It's Such a Wonderful Feeling to be Able to Swim!

"I am 66 years of age and have never been able to master swimming even though I had taken lessons in the past. I just completed lessons with Coach Caron at Winning Swimming and I am happy to report that I am now swimming with ease. Learning to breathe while swimming was the hardest part for me but Coach Caron started me off with very simple exercises until I was comfortable with my stroke and breathing. I cannot say enough how fortunate I was to have found her to instruct me. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to swim!” Terri H. 

I am Finally Learning to Swim and Enjoying Every Minute of it.

“Learning to swim with Coach Caron is tons of fun.  I am learning so much about swimming properly and efficiently. Coach Caron has an excellent way of sharing her great knowledge of swimming . This includes a step by step approach for beginners and a friendly way of teaching so that every bit of advice that is shared makes sense. I am finally learning to swim and enjoying every minute of it. Highly recommended. Thank You Coach Caron :)” Robin H. 

...Highly Recommend Her to Anyone

"Coach Caron is a great instructor who tailors her lessons based on your goals and capabilities.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, regardless of their age or skill level."  Rob L.  

...the Skills and Confidence Needed to Swim In and Out of Uniform

"Coach Caron and Winning Swimming gave me the skills and confidence I needed to swim in and out of uniform.  Informational and effective lessons with great feedback."  Jarrod B., Cadet, US Military Academy

...Not Only Swimming, He is Loving It!

"I cannot say enough about Coach Caron's Winning Swimming Teen Learn to Swim Program.  We have tried many different swim instructors over the years with no success.  My son is now not only swimming, he is loving it!"  Kathleen W.

Invest in Your Goals


Overcoming Your Fear of Swimming

Virtual Training Program

This online program helps adults learn to control and overcome their fear of water or swimming with:

  • Inclusion in our “Overcoming Your Fear of Swimming” closed Facebook Group
  • Mastermind group calls twice a month with various topics of discussion and group support
  • One on one phone call, video review, or in person visit to the swim lab with Coach Caron twice a month
  • Inclusion in the online course “Overcoming Your Fear of Swimming”
  • And so much more!

This revolutionary program allows you to work with Coach Caron whether you live in New Hampshire, across the United States, across North America, or anywhere in the world! It has been developed with people just like you who had a fear of swimming and worked through the fear with Coach Caron’s proven methods via phone calls, video reviews, video calls, and even onsite visits when she is in your area. 

Coach Caron’s goal is to get you into a Learn to Swim program in your area but before you jump in, you need to learn the pieces most swim schools won’t teach you:

  • The differences between moving on land and moving in the water,
  • The importance of breath control to relax your body,
  • How to use visualization to improve your water experience,
  • Starting small and progressing at your own pace,
  • And so much more.


“I was terrified of water from a childhood near drowning and now I am loving being in the water!” Maria 

“I panicked every time I entered the water. Because of Coach Caron’s patience, I can really swim!” Helen

“Coach Caron has a beautiful way of helping you identify your actual fears and then showing you simple, doable techniques to help deal with them!” Marg

What if, in just one year from now, you could be easily swimming with your family and friends or finally competing confidently in your first triathlon? 

You can do it with this program!

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Join us today and join a community of people with the same concerns as you who will support you in reaching your goal of finally crossing “Learn to Swim” off your bucket list!  In just 12 weeks you can go from fear to ready to hop in with this program.  

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