Water Safety Program Sponsors

We are currently looking for individuals, nonprofits, and corporations who would like to join us in the fight against drowning and promote water safety across the globe.  If you would like to join us, please contact us and request a sponsor information packet.  Be sure to include the mailing address we should send the packet to and we will get the information right out to you.

Did you know that, on average, 10 people drown each day in the United States?  Those 10 people are someone’s loved one who won’t come home tonight or be able to fulfill their life’s purpose because of drowning.  Our sponsors will be recognized as people who want to change this statistic and help everyone be safer around the water through our many outreach programs.

Sponsors will receive media, event, and newsletter recognition and can choose from programs that include their name on our childcare provider education program, children and parent’s education programs, author appearances, character appearances, and more.  We also have opportunities for our sponsors to buy our water safety resources in bulk and distribute them to their network or customers or we can distribute them for you.

Don’t let your customers or loved ones become a statistic – 

join us to teach them to be safer around the water today!