Workout Sessions


Would you like to train in the most advanced technology available? Do you find yourself allowing your swim to slow down in the regular pool because nothing is pushing you to keep up the speed? Multi-sport athletes: would you like to train the way you are going to race? Schedule your swims in our pool.


Advantages of our pool:

  • our system is designed to use less chlorine so there is less eye and skin irritation,
  • swim mirrors at the front and on the bottom of the pool allow you to monitor your own stroke,
  • a private “lane” reserved for you. No sharing. No waiting. No audience,
  • a constant temperature is kept for your comfort, and
  • there is no membership fee.Your_own_lane_photo2

Advantages for Triathletes:

  • train the way you will race by simulating the open water and eliminating the necessary stops at the end of a regular lane pool, and
  • train in your wetsuit.

Advantages for Coaches:

    • use our facility to coach your swimmers,
    • our pool has a wrap around deck so you can see the stroke from all perspectives,
    • choose to use the cameras for additional angles not normally seen above water,
    • your swimmer stays in one place so there is no “chasing them down the lane”, and
    • take a video of your swimmer by using our Video Recording Services.

Jay F. sums it up like this:

“My Lane.  For me, the major benefits us using the pool are:

  • A private “lane” reserved for you.  No sharing.  No waiting.  No audience.
  • Complete control of swim pace for accurate, efficient workouts.
  • Continuous swimming without turns for open water specific training.”

Workout Session Pricing –

$15.00 for a single 1/2 hour session; Package Pricing:  Six 1/2 hour sessions $75.00, Twelve 1/2 hour sessions $140.00; Eighteen 1/2 hour sessions $200.00.

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