Do you find the swim challenging?

Would you like to get out of the water faster so you can get to the bike and run?

Do you need to learn how to make your swim more efficient so you have energy left over after the swim?

We can help you get better, stronger, and faster in the water so you can rock your event!

Carolanne Caron, Head Coach, has been swimming her entire life, knows her purpose in life is to help triathletes improve their swim and understands the challenges you are facing because she competes herself.

Coach Caron can assess your swim and help you execute a plan for improvement in time for that all important event.  Ready to get started?  Sign up for our introductory “Test Swim”.

After the test swim is complete, Coach Caron will suggest the best course of action to get you to your goals in the least amount of time.  These services could include:

Learn to Swim Serivices

Improve your Swim Services

Workout Sessions

Video Services