Water Safety

Hexagon with Ring BuoyWinning Swimming is dedicated to making sure everyone is properly educated about Water Safety.  Our programs include:

Water Safety for Childcare Providers presentation which, upon successful completion, provides a State of New Hampshire certification for performing water activities with your children.  This program is also a great workshop for parents who will be spending time with their children around the water.

Our Water Safety Resources to help you teach your children the rules to follow around the water in a fun manner include Coach Caron’s books:

  • Water Safety with Swimmy, which teaches children ages 3 to 8 10 very important rules to follow around the water,
  • Swimmy’s Water Safety Coloring Book, a fun way to learn 10 water safety rules and help everyone be safer by the water,
  • The Water Safety Activity Kit, a fun, activity packed guide for teachers, parents, and childcare providers to teach their children how to be safer in the water through play.  A great way to incorporate the topic of water safety into your curriculum. and
  • The Complete Bundle which includes a copy of Water Safety with Swimmy, a copy of Swimmy’s Water Safety Coloring Book, and a Water Safety Activity Kit.

A Water Safety for Children presentation for preschool and early elementary aged children which teaches your children the rules they should follow when they are around the water.

Water Safety for Parents – Learn how to become an effective water watcher, the rules we teach your children, how to pick the right swim class, when to call 9-1-1, and more.

Are you an individual, nonprofit, or corporation who would like to help us get the word out about water safety?  Contact us here.

But don’t take our word for it:

“I am the director at Lisa’s Tippy Toes Day Care and Learning Center, Inc.  During our summer programs, Carolanne Caron from Winning Swimming comes to our school and teaches our students about water safety.  The program includes a water safety video, classroom interaction with books and cards along with life vests and provides water safety kits for the kids at a small cost.  She is very hands on with the students and they enjoy the program a lot.

Coach Caron also provides water safety training for all of my teachers.  She provides a handbook for the staff along with a video and hands on material.  I would highly recommend both of her classes to anyone interested in the water safety training courses.

Thank you

Lisa Worster

Lisa’s Tippy Toes Day Care and Learning Center, Inc.

33 Baboosic Lake Road 

Merrimack NH 03054