Test Swim

The Test Swim would be used by a prospective swimmer who is wanting to investigate Coach Caron’s teaching style or begin working with Winning Swimming to learn to swim.  The session is scheduled for an hour and consists of:  introductory paperwork, discussing goals and what the swimmer wants to get out of working with us, a tour of the swim lab, a swim in the pool, and a discussion of the experience and suggestions about the course of instruction which would get you closer to your goals.

This service is like a trial run; an opportunity for the swimmer to swim in the pool and to get to know Coach Caron’s coaching style and for the coach to take a look at where the swimmer is starting with their skills.  After the “Test Swim”, Coach Caron will let the swimmer know whether she can help them reach their goals and, if the swimmer decides Winning Swimming is the place for them to learn, we discuss the options.

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