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Beth and Colin Swim LessonOur swim school teaches children from 18 months through 12 years old. Lessons are given in a private 1 on 1 setting to allow the student to progress at their own pace and not have to keep up with or get left behind their classmates.

We encourage our students to practice on their own in between sessions. Here are the guidelines for independent swims: Purple always has someone in the pool with them within the appropriate distance based on their skills. Red always swims with someone in the pool with them within arms reach. Yellow swims with someone in the pool with them. Green and Blue can swim on their own but should have a responsible adult watching.

Purple Level – Seahorses

From 18 months to age 4, students work on basic water acclimation, holding their breath, floating, submersion, and survival swimming in our Purple Seahorse Level. Students who are not confidently potty trained are required to wear two swim diapers until they have not had an accident for 6 months and can communicate their need to use the bathroom.

Red Level – Starfish

At the age of 4 (or a mature, skilled age of 3), students can enter our red level. The student will get a colored bracelet and, as they master individual skills, they will get a “punch” on their bracelet to show they are progressing. Once they receive 7 punches, they will test their skills learned. Red level begins with more advanced water acclimation skills and ends with survival swimming. Skills learned at this level include: blowing bubbles, bobbing, streamline position, floating, gliding, skulling, and understroke. To pass this level, students demonstrate they can survival swim the length of the pool.

Yellow Level – Fish

Yellow level students build on their red level skills to begin to develop strokes and the following skills: rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke arms, sidestroke arms, swim to bottom, somersaults.

Green Level – Frogs

Green level swimmers complete and perfect their stroke technique including: elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, treading water, and swimming underwater.

Blue Level – Dolphins

Blue level swimmers are getting ready to go to swim team and learn endurance, balance, individual medley, and participate in our Starts and Turns Workshop. This workshop addresses block starts, backstroke starts, relay starts, open turns, flip turns, individual medley events, and relay events.  Swimmers who complete this level are ready to try out for a local club team or move onto Private Coaching.

Step 1:

Are you interested in signing up your child or grandchild for Swim School?  Schedule a Test Swim today so Coach Caron can see how they move in the water and suggest an appropriate starting level for lessons.

Step 2:

Swim School Pricing –

Overcoming Fear Series (typically 8-10 Sessions) $260.00

Parent/Child Series 10 sessions for $260.00

Introduction to Swimming and Survival Swim (typically 20 sessions) (Red Level) $520.00

Freestyle and Backstroke (Yellow Level) $520.00

Breaststroke and Butterfly (Green Level) $312.00

Pre Swim Team (Blue Level) $660.00

Step 3:

Don’t forget to educate your children about Water Safety.  See our Water Safety Program options here.


“Your approach to swim and swim safety is far superior to the programs we have tried elsewhere and we look forward to starting up again!”  Naomi H.

“Coach Caron has been working with my daughter for a few months now. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all her hard work with her and the one on one time is awesome! She’s helping mold my daughter into a strong, confident swimmer!” C.N

“I talked to [my son] last night and he was bubbling over about his swim lesson.  He was so excited!  He had a wonderful time with you and he was so pleased with what he was able to do.”  Katie H.

“Thank you for all the awesome swimming stroke you’ve taught our son! He adores you and we talk about you frequently at home!” The Holts

“Excellent swimming instructor/coach.  Knows her stuff and works great with children.  Great one on one training.”  Adrian T.

“Building Confidence.  I am so excited to be working with Coach Caron.  She has helped me with my swimming and now she is helping my 4 year old become more confident in the water.  She is very good with her and gets her to listen, which is something I struggle with.  I am looking forward to seeing Bryn progress and I highly recommend Winning Swimming for kid’s lessons as well as adult.”  Bryn’s mom

 “Very Happy Customer!  My toddler daughter is taking swim lessons currently.  As of right now she can’t swim but I can already see an improvement with how comfortable she is in the water.  Coach Caron seems to be a perfect teacher of people of all ages and I look forward to having her teach my other daughter when she becomes old enough as well.”  C.N.

 “Awesome!  Lessons are fantastic, Coach Caron is fantastic.  I can’t say enough about Winning Swimming.  It has helped a tremendous amount.  Definitely recommend!!!” Samantha L.

 “Just what we needed!  I have a 4 year old that was very anxious about being in the water, never mind swimming in it.  Coach Caron helped her find confidence in the water and now she can’t get enough swimming!  Glad I found Winning Swimming and highly recommend her services!”  A.S. Mom

 “Love Winning Swimming!  Noah was hesitant to get in the water but Coach Caron encouraged him and before I knew it he was laughing and working on big kicks to get me wet while I watched on the sidelines!  Coach Caron has a unique way of teaching that makes learning fun for the younger student and has them practicing important skills without even realizing it!”  Noah’s mom

 “Fantastic Teacher.  Winning Swimming’s teaching techniques delivered serious results in just the assessment portion of my children’s initial evaluation!  My children loved the teaching style and can’t wait for more lessons!”  Mom of two

If you’re looking for lessons for yourself or your teenager, check out our Learn to Swim Program.