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hexagonwithworkshopDid you ever wonder why your legs drag on your swim?  Would you like to know how to transform your pool swim to the open water?  Expand your swimming knowledge with our seminars and workshops!  Coach Caron is available to present the following topics to your group of 10 or more athletes.

Goal Setting

Many athletes set goals and then never follow through because they forget about them or they don’t give themselves permission to “fall off the wagon” every once in awhile.  This seminar will teach you how to set goals, how to follow through, how to tell the universe and everyone you are going to accomplish your goal, and what to do when you accomplish what you set out to do.

If you don’t know what your goals should be, Coach Caron can help you decide what your swim goals should be.  Inquire today.

Eliminate Drag and Create Propulsion

This seminar addresses how to reduce the drag in your stroke and create propulsion.  We will discuss common inefficiencies swimmers have in their stroke and how these inefficiencies slow swimmers down or make swimming much harder than it needs to be.  We will show you the common mistakes and then point out how to correct them.  Incorporating these changes will make your stroke less of a chore and make swimming more fun. Inquire today.

“Please count me in for next month.  I found [the Eliminating Drag and Creating Propulsion Seminar] incredibly helpful and only wish I had started with your training sooner!” John L.

“Thanks so much for your coaching advice.  I have really enjoyed your guidance between your seminar and the sessions at the local pool.  I have a lot to work on but feel I am already seeing some improvement.” Mike M.

“Thank you very much for the follow-up!! The class was really helpful for both of us!” Alana W.

“I think you do a great job and the instruction is tremendous for me.” John L.

Unleashing the Power of your Swim

This seminar expands on the “Reduce Drag and Create Propulsion” presentation described above with a discussion about how to transform your single pace swim into a powerful machine.  We will show the power hiding in your core, your hips, and your legs as well as how to use visualization and timing to get a strong pull.  Would you like to go into each swim with a strategy of where to use power and where to back off to a comfortable cruising pace?  This is the talk for you!  Inquire today.

How to Thrive in Your Open Water Swim

Transform your pool swim to the open water and expand your swimming ability.  This workshop addresses the mental aspect to open water swimming as well as the technical aspect.

Learn how to overcome a fear of the unknown, how to relax when swimming in deep water, and how to remain calm when you see nature in the water.  We also address the following technique issues:  how to swim continually without stopping, how to swim straight without the “line at the bottom of the pool”, how to use sighting, swimming in groups, the importance of bilateral breathing, and kicking strategy.

This seminar is typically held in April, is followed by open water swimming May through August, and is perfect for triathletes looking to improve the first leg of their event.  Inquire today.

Uncover the Mysteries behind combining Swim Technique with Strength and Conditioning

Held in conjunction with local trainers, this workshop goes through a head to toe assessment for swim technique and introduces a functional movement analysis and recovery techniques.  Participants have the option of participating in a pull technique analysis as well as performing the functional movement analysis exercises and doing an active session of foam rolling. Scheduled upon request.  Inquire today.

Starts and Turns Workshop

Does your competitive swimmer often mention they dread the starting blocks or flip turns? Do they cringe when the coach announces it’s time for relay races?  This workshop is for them.  It addresses block starts, backstroke starts, relay starts, open turns, flip turns, individual medley events, and relay events.  Held at local pools upon request, this workshop will help your swimmer be more confident with starts and turns and will give them the individual attention they need to improve.  Cost is $30 per participant.  Inquire today.

Open Water Swimming for Beginners Workshop

Meet Coach Caron at the lake to learn techniques for a successful open water swim including how to acclimate, wetsuit logistics, starts, treading water, sighting, turning, alternate strokes, and exits.  This workshop starts with a discussion of the topics and then gives you the opportunity to get into the water and try out the topics.  Limited availability.  Cost is $15 per participant.  Inquire today. Register here.

“Thanks so much Coach Caron! It was a very informative and helpful session. Thanks for doing these and getting us first timers off on the right note! ” D. Matta

Open Water Swimming for Advanced Swimmers Workshop

Meet Coach Caron at the lake to learn advanced open water techniques for swimming straight, passing, swimming in groups, drafting, and alternate strokes.  This workshop is appropriate for swimmers who already have open water experience and starts with a brief discussion of the topics and then a swim to work on the topics.  Space is limited.  Cost is $15 per participant.  Inquire today.

“That was my first swim since I started doing triathlons where I actually felt comfortable in the water.” Sue W.

Overcoming your Fear of Swimming Seminar

In this interactive seminar we will dive into discovering why people have a fear of swimming, how to address this fear, and give you tools for overcoming the fear.  Whether you are afraid to get your toes wet, worry about what is in the open water with you, don’t want to go to the deep end, or just need to feel comfortable in the water with your kids, Coach Caron can help you address and overcome your fear.

Attendees of this workshop will learn:
  • How to identify what’s behind your fear of swimming
  • Coping techniques to move past the fear
  • How to make your mind work for you instead of against you.

Contact Us today for information about the next scheduled seminar.  The contents of this seminar can also be given one on one in a success coaching session.

“This seminar was engaging and effective.” Race Mania participant

“I feel so much better about being in and near the water.” Race Mania participant