Video Services

Do you ever wonder what you really look like when you swim?  Would you like an unbiased opinion about your form?  Would you like to be able to compare your swim stroke this year to last year?  Click on “Book Now” in the upper left column to schedule today to sign up for a variety of Swim Video Recording and Analysis Services.  See a sample video view here.


The video has been called the ultimate “cheat” as far as tools available to coaches and swimmers.  With our video services, you can see your stroke from all angles using up to 4 swim cameras. During your session, our team will video your swim from above and below the water with several different angles. Choose from several different services to suit your needs:

  • video a half hour session to take with you and analyze yourself,
  • sign up for a 1 hour Coached Video Delay session where we will put the cameras on delay (we will film as you swim and then you will be able to stop and see yourself swimming) and our coach will walk you through some stroke corrections,
  • sign up for a Video Analysis where our coach will review a video provided by you, provide prioritized notes, and then discuss areas for improvement with you, or
  • combine the Coached Video Delay session with the Video Analysis session to get a complete package.

During the Coached Video Delay session, our experienced coach will determine your skill level, discuss your goals, and then look at your form from all angles to determine where you are losing power. Changes needed will be shared with you during the session so you can work on your form on your own, with your coach, or you can sign up for personal coaching with Winning Swimming.

Whether you are a competitive league, high school, or collegiate swimmer looking for a better time or a triathlete looking to have an easier swim to save energy for the bike and the run, our swimming analysis will give you pointers to work on and ultimately bring you closer to your goals.

Video Delay Coached Session – 1 hour – $110.00

Video Analysis Report Only $170.00

Combination of the Video Delay Coached Session with the written report $210.00

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“The cameras are such an excellent teaching tool…I know you never missed a thing with my stroke and I’m a much better swimmer because of it.” Jessica C.

“Super nice facility! Excellent coaching. Set up that permits the swimmer to observe herself while making changes in real time and on delayed video from 4 direction. A whole lot of bang for your buck!” Zabeth B.