Video Services


The video has been called the ultimate “cheat” in a coach’s toolbox.  Send your athlete to us with a list of swims you would like recorded and we will use our 4 cameras at the best angles to capture the result. Prior to filming, the swimmer will be introduced to our facility and the best pace will be found. The final result will be sent via 1 DVD, 1 USB, YouTube, or Dropbox. Then you can provide your own video analysis or use the file for your records to modify the swimmer’s workouts.Video_Camera_Views2


“The cameras are such an excellent teaching tool…I know you never missed a thing with my stroke and I’m a much better swimmer because of it.” Jessica C.

“Super nice facility! Excellent coaching. Set up that permits the swimmer to observe herself while making changes in real time and on delayed video from 4 direction. A whole lot of bang for your buck!”  Zabeth B.


Video Recording $44.00 for 1 client and One 1/2 hour session, $56.00 for 1 client and One 1 hour session. 

Package Size

Additional DVDs or USBs $20.00 each.


Would you like to film several athletes?  Check out our Coach’s Day services.