Pool Rental


Want a private place to work with an athlete without their peers watching? Rent our pool with or without video services. Each pool rental comes with use of the mirrors, the adjustable swim current, a submersible pace clock, and a printout of the workout which will tell you how far the athlete swam based on their sets.Your_own_lane_photo2

Athletes feel more powerful and balanced after doing several pool rentals and coaches love being able to schedule dedicated pool time based on their schedule.

Jay F. sums it up like this: “My Lane.”  “For me, the major benefits of using the pool are:

  • A private lane reserved for you.  No sharing.  No waiting.  No Audience.
  • Complete control of the swim pace for accurate, efficient workouts, and
  • Continuous swimming without turns for open water specific training.”

Pool Rental $12.00 per 1/2 hour session; Punch Card Prices: Six 1/2 hour sessions $63.00, Twelve 1/2 hour sessions $120.00, Eighteen 1/2 hour sessions $173.00.

Package Size

Pool Rental with Video Delay $22.00 per 1/2 hour session


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