Coach’s Day

hexagonwithwhistleCoach’s Day is a time you reserve to bring in your athletes and use our facilities to improve your swimmers. The package includes use of our open water simulation pool, all 4 video cameras (in real time or time delay status), our 95” video display, at least one technician to maintain the equipment and track the athletes swims, and a comprehensive DVD of all the swimmers sessions for the coach. Swimmers can choose to purchase DVDs of their individual swims for an additional cost. Details of the day (i.e. date, time, number of swimmers, duration of each swim, number of 2 hour blocks needed, insurance waivers, etc.) will be worked out with the coach prior to scheduling.


Athletes say the Coach’s Day experience helped them understand their technique and what the coach was looking for.

“Thank you so much for doing this.  I watched the video last night and all I can say is WOW…….seeing is believing.  I thought my stroke felt good but boy what a mess.  I cannot wait to work on this, clean up my mistakes and hopefully become more efficient and faster.” Mark B.

“I would love to participate in the [swim evaluation] again in the winter/spring.” Ryan L.


Pricing:  $90.00 per 2 hour block.  Minimum of one 2 hour block required for this service.