Services for Coaches


Do you wish you could do more to help your swimmers excel without breaking the budget?  At Winning Swimming, we are here to supplement your existing program with:

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    So why should you choose to trust Winning Swimming with your athletes or your business?
  • Great supplement to your already existing program without the expense of maintaining the equipment,
  • Athletes love the experience and say using the facility helped them feel more powerful and controlled,
  • Awesome support from the staff, and
  • Send in your brochures or business cards for display.

Advantages for Coaches:

    • use our facility to coach your swimmers,
    • our pool has a wrap around deck so you can see the stroke from all perspectives,
    • choose to use the cameras for additional angles not normally seen above water,
    • your swimmer stays in one place so there is no “chasing them down the lane”, and
    • take a video of your swimmer with you using our Video Recording Services.  The video has been called the ultimate “cheat” and we can provide you with some great video options.

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