The Benefits of Swimming and Why it is Great for the Body

Many adults have a bucket list item involving learning to swim or improving their swim with an ultimate goal of participating in an athletic event or improve their health.  A proper swim program can bring many health benefits including addressing fears, improved overall conditioning, lower blood pressure, and weight loss.


Fear:  Some people come to swimming with fears that have been with them since childhood.  Not often thought of as a health concern, fear can emotionally paralyze the person it affects not to mention being a cause of anxiety and limiting the ability to participate in the event which causes the fear.  A properly trained teacher can help the swimmer work through those fears at their own pace so they can gain confidence in the water.  To be able to get rid of this fear which has been carried around for so many years can really improve the swimmer’s health dramatically as well as setting them free to be able to check more goals off their bucket list.


Benefits:  Beyond addressing fears, most people know that swimming is a low impact sport that can help them lose weight, tone different muscles than land sports, or get their blood pressure under control but there are other benefits to swimming that are uncovered as the swim program unfolds.  A great swim program will teach concepts like relaxation, paying attention to how the swimmer’s body feels in the water, and having the swimmer believe in themselves.  These concepts really help the swimmer to be able to not only excel in the water but to improve their life outside of the pool as well.  By faithfully practicing, most swimmers will see an increase in ability, confidence, and a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle as their skills increase.  As a result, many will comment that they are losing weight or getting their blood pressure under control while having fun in the water.


Higher Goals:  Many people who previously could not swim have completed their training and gone on to compete in multisport activities as a result of their newly found skills but some are content to be healthier or just be able to keep up with their children or grandchildren at the lake.  Whichever situation applies to you, complete your goal and go on to bigger and better life and fitness goals but don’t forget to thank your coach because, for us, giving someone the confidence and skill to be able to swim successfully, no matter what the goal, is very satisfying.


Carolanne Caron is Head Coach and Owner at Winning Swimming, LLC in Merrimack, NH, USA and has been swimming since she was a child.  Having studied several different methods of swim instruction and coaching, she has developed a method which helps adults to learn systematically while addressing specific issues of the adult swimmer.  Coach Caron can be contacted at or by visiting