What our swimmers have to say…

“Coach Caron does a terrific job communicating how to make your stroke stronger and more effective.  The swim evaluation is a great learning opportunity at the end as well.” Heather R.

“Coach Caron and Winning Swimming gave me the skills and confidence I needed to swim in and out of uniform.  Informational and effective lessons with great feedback.”  Jarrod B., Cadet, US Military Academy

“I can not say enough about the Coach Caron’s Winning Swimming Teen Learn to Swim Program. We have tried many different swim instructors over the years with no success. My son is now not only swimming, he is loving it! ” Kathleen W.

“Thanks to your coaching, I had probably the best swim I have ever had in a race. I was calm and relaxed- the only hiccup was in the last 50 yards or so going into the swim out, I got sandwiched between 2 people and got kicked a few times. I kept my cool, pulled up, and found a new lane. But during the swim I was calm and relaxed. I even passed a few people and used power and not a fast cadence to do it! I am usually getting passed by people so that was a big thing for me! I never felt tired, out of breath, or panicky. So imagine my surprise when I found out I shaved more than 1 minute off my previous best time there! I definitely could have pushed harder but was really focused on a calm and even swim.”  Meghan B.

“Thank you for helping [my son] improve his techniques. He definitely became a stronger swimmer under your guidance/instruction.” Barbara M.

“I completed my Olympic Triathlon taking 10 minutes off my previous 1500m swim time! Thank you for your assistance and coaching.” Kelley S.

“Your approach to swim and swim safety is far superior to the programs we have tried elsewhere and we look forward to starting up again!”  Naomi H.

“Our daughter worked with Coach Caron for six months leading up to the beginning of her high school season. During this time, Coach Caron helped our daughter to improve her technique in all strokes and build her confidence. Coach Caron also provided tips for racing strategies. Our daughter’s high school coaches noticed her improvement right away. In her high school season opener, our daughter qualified for sectionals in the 500 free and showed improved times in other events. We recommend Coach Caron for any high school swimmer who is looking for dedicated training along with their regular regime.” W. Family

“I’ve been swimming a long time, so my stroke is pretty ingrained. Coach Caron got that and was able to address my stubborn (not-so-efficient) habits. She suggested changes in manageable bits so as not to overwhelm me. I could concentrate on one thing, and then when it looked like I understood, she added something else. Each new tip built on the previous one. It was a very fluid rather than frustrating experience. ” L.E.

“That was my first swim since I started doing triathlons where I actually felt comfortable in the water.” Sue W.

“I went to Coach Caron to improve on the swim part of triathlons. I had heard great things about Winning Swimming and thought I should give it a try. Just in my first session, Coach Caron was able to give me a few tips and tweaks that made me feel more comfortable in the water. I recommend anyone that wants to improve their swim technique should check them out. ” Joshua H.

“My goal was to swim a 1.2 mile distance with confidence and Coach Caron gave me the skills to make that happen. She has an excellent approach to teaching and guiding based upon her extensive knowledge, observation, and the patience to answer questions asked by newbies such as me.”  Scott M.

“Coach Caron has been working with me for a month training me on the proper swimming techniques and form. Starting to feel much more confident that I can swim the 1.2 mile course and not be the last one out of the water. ” Jason B.

“As a longtime competitive swimmer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was impressed by the facility and Coach Caron’s ability to quickly focus in on my goals. I only did the initial “swim test” but plan on going back for more in-depth coaching and technique tips. I’m confident Coach Caron will be able to help me break some not-so-helpful habits, and make me a more efficient swimmer.” Laurie E.

“I had such a great experience with Coach Caron, that I have booked a full lesson with her for this month and will do so for future months. I loved the idea that the pool can simulate open water, as well as be still for a newbie swimmer like myself” Ilene M-Z.

“Had my first test/lesson with Coach Caron on Saturday. Very helpful looking forward to seeing how much she can improve my swim by the time I do my next Tri in June. ” Jason B.

“Loved my experience at Winning Swimming! I’ve been swimming since I was 3 but was never taught proper technique. Coach Caron was great! She showed me something new and wrote out drills to help me work on what we learned each week. The immediate feedback was positive and helpful. I could see an improvement after my first session. Now to practice! ” Dawnie D.

“Winning Swimming is so worth it even if you only go once. My wife got me a six session plus video analysis package for Christmas and I had my first session this week. The pool/tank is very, very cool. It has a mirror on the bottom so that you can regard your form as you swim. Watching myself real time swimming in place was a very strange and unusual experience that lit up a part of my brain that I think I seldom if ever use. It also had an almost immediate, positive effect on my stroke.”  Jonathan M.

“My first test swim with Winning Swimming exceeded my expectations. Coach Caron listened to my concerns, observed my form, and within minutes she corrected some issues with my swimming in a friendly, helpful manner. It was a very productive evaluation, and I highly recommend Winning Swimming’s services.” Dave L.

“Our daughter recently had a test swim session with Coach Caron. She enjoyed swimming in the pool and thought that Coach Caron was “chill” and positive. She also appreciated Coach Caron’s insightful feedback on her strokes. She is excited about working with Coach Caron 1:1 over the next few months in preparation for her high school and club seasons. ”  J&W

“Coach Caron has been working with my daughter for a few months now. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all her hard work with her and the one on one time is awesome! She’s helping mold my daughter into a strong, confident swimmer!” C.N

“Had a test session with Coach Caron last week. What an awesome set up. Love the mirrors on the bottom of the pool and Coach Caron was so intuitive. Coach Caron gave me tips already on what we will work on I can’t wait to go back! ” Dawnie D.

We had a test session scheduled with Coach Caron for 2 of our kids who are on the swim team. She performed a thorough analysis of their strokes and gave some very good pointers. Initially we weren’t sure how she would be able to assess in a stationary pool, but we were really amazed at the coaches knowledge and patience. Abby has used those pointers and has shown significant improvement in her practice and also made it to the districts. We plan on scheduling a few more sessions with Coach Caron.” Abby and Alex’s Mom

 “Awesome!  Lessons are fantastic, Coach Caron is fantastic.  I can’t say enough about Winning Swimming.  It has helped a tremendous amount.  Definitely recommend!!!” Samantha L.

“From Learning to Swim to 2 Triathlons.  I have always wanted to do a triathlon, the problem was, I didn’t know how to swim.  I fortunately found Winning Swimming and Coach Caron and she brought me from splashing in the water like a little kid to actually swimming with the correct technique.  She made learning to swim seem easy with different steps that built on each other and made sense.  She has an easy going personality that doesn’t frustrate newbies and she is very supportive.  I am so glad I found her!”  Tina D.

 “Awesome.  I went in thinking she wouldn’t be able to help me reach my goals in 30 short minutes, but let me just tell you, she really knows her stuff.  I mean she knew right away why I was having trouble.  I wasn’t sure about it at first but she really did help me become a better swimmer and that makes me very happy!”  Bianca G.

 “Massive help and knowledgeable.  Coach is well versed in what works and how to bring your skills along while motivating you to succeed.  Using the endless pool allows you to swim at specific speeds that she can control while she watches from less than 5 feet away.  The mirrors along front and back of the pool let you see for yourself what you’re doing.  With the pool being endless, you can learn to swim a long way without need for flip turns which helps with triathlon training.  Overall, an excellent experience and well worth it!”  Andy T.

“Amazing Coach.  I started training for the swim portion of a triathlon really late and could only swim 1 lap.  After working with Coach Caron for just 30 days, I was able to swim over 15 laps in a pool and .3 miles open water at the race.  She was able to identify my areas in need of improvement and teach me how to improve all aspects of my swimming.  I strongly recommend Coach Caron for anyone in need of improving their swimming.”  Sarah O.

“Benefits of Nutritional Counseling with Coach Caron.  Nutritional counseling with Coach Caron has really benefitted my training and races.  This weekend I placed third in a sprint triathlon on Saturday and first in the Rugged Maniac on Sunday.  The only way I was able to maintain my effort for both events was by applying her recommendations to my nutritional program.  I teach basic nutrition, but her support with the sports related aspects boosted my performance.  Thanks so much for your support!”  Sarah O.

“Super nice facility! Excellent coaching. Set up that permits the swimmer to observe herself while making changes in real time and on delayed video from 4 direction. A whole lot of bang for your buck!”  Zabeth B.

“I have been taking lessons from Coach Caron for approximately 6 weeks.  When I started, I could only do a modified dog paddle and panicked every time I entered the water for a triathlon.  My fear was so intense I stopped doing triathlons because of the swimming part.  However now, because of Coach Caron’s training and patience, I can really swim!  So for anyone who thinks you’re too old to learn how to swim, you’re never too old and I would highly recommend taking lessons from Coach Caron!”  Helen L.

“Coach Caron helped me last summer improve my techniques.  My times improved and I made sectionals for my breaststroke.  Now I have new goals and we went over what I need to focus on to reach my goals.  She is an excellent coach.  She is very patient.  I appreciate working with her.” Nicholas M.

“Thanks so much for your coaching advice.  I have really enjoyed your guidance between your seminar and the sessions at the local pool.  I have a lot to work on but feel I am already seeing some improvement.” Mike M.

“Thank you very much for the follow-up!! The class was really helpful for both of us!” Alana W.

“I think you do a great job and the instruction is tremendous for me.” John L.

“Coach Caron was very professional. She helped me improve all my strokes and technique. I feel more confident now because I understand better what to strive for.” Andrew S.

“Learning to swim with Coach Caron is tons of fun 🙂 I am learning so much about swimming properly and efficiently. Coach Caron has an excellent way of sharing her great knowledge of swimming . This includes a step by step approach for beginners and a friendly way of teaching so that every bit of advice that is shared makes sense. I am finally learning to swim and enjoying every minute of it. Highly recommended. Thank You Coach Caron :)” Robin H.

“Please count me in for next month.  I found [the Eliminating Drag and Creating Propulsion Seminar] incredibly helpful and only wish I had started with your training sooner!” John L.

“Coach Caron is a great instructor who tailors her lessons based on your goals and capabilities. I would highly recommend her to anyone, regardless of their age or skill level.”  Rob L.

“I first worked with Coach Caron to give swim lessons to my daughter.  She is fantastic with kids.  I am a fairly new triathlete and was on the swim team when I was in high school.  My freestyle swim was never my strong point.  I worked with Coach Caron for three months and I am truly amazed at the changes she was able to help me implement into my swimming.  She was always positive and made me feel like I could accomplish anything.  I would recommend Coach Caron for all her services and truly value the confidence she has helped me achieve with my swim.  Thank you Coach.”  Allyssa B.

“Maybe this sums it up: “My Lane”.  For me, the major benefits of using your pool are:

  • A private “lane” reserved for you.  No sharing.  No waiting.  No audience.
  • Complete control of swim pace for accurate, efficient workouts.
  • Continuous swimming without turns for open water specific training.”  Jay F.

As a life-long runner, I’d always wanted to have a go at Triathlon, but being a terrible swimmer kept me out of the game. I got some basic swim instruction with Team in Training…enough to do my first Triathlon. I soon signed up to do a Half Ironman, and learn how bad a swimmer I was in the ocean swells off Rhode Island. I was getting passed by people two and three waves behind me. I was happy to just finish the swim and get on my bike. In short, I knew I needed help.

Over the next two years I:

* Had 1:1 coaching with the coach of the local swim team.

* Got instructional Videos (total immersion)

* Went to a day long swim clinic with a former Olympic swimmer, and read her book.

* Watched countless YouTube swim videos.

* Swam 2-3 times per week as part of triathlon training.

My times got a little better, but I still struggled in the water, never getting the feeling that I was “doing it right”.

This past Christmas I received a gift certificate for Winning Swimming sessions, something I would not have signed up for myself because I thought I was a lost cause, relegated to back-of-the-pack swim status. With the great improvement I’ve seen as a result of my WS sessions, I now have the hope and expectation that I will be GREATLY more competitive in the swim, setting me up for better competitiveness overall in future TRIs.

In short, if you want to get measurably faster and stop fighting your way through the water, make an appointment to see Carolanne at Winning Swimming. It is the most time efficient way to become a better swimmer that I have come across.”

Andrew W, 2x Ironman finisher Multiple HIM, Olympic and Sprints

“I started taking private lessons with Coach Caron back in December not being able to swim more than 100 yards of freestyle continuously. I walked into my first session knowing that I wanted to correct my relaxation level in the water and my struggles with breathing. Coach Caron immediately made a few minor corrections to my form that greatly improved my comfort level. Over the next seven sessions I was amazed at the progress that I was able to make.

With Coach Caron’s guidance in a little over three months I’ve been able to reduce my 100 yard split time by 30% while doubling the distance covered in training sessions. I fully plan on going back in the near future to further fine tune my technique and learn some open water skills. ” Scott G.

“You are great! I had a much better day today in the pool. I think we have made enormous progress.” Rich K.

“I really appreciate all the technique work and it has definitely paid off.” Deb D.”

“Your breathing advice has made for a whole new world for me.  Swimming is almost enjoyable.” Matt T.

“I talked to [my son] last night and he was bubbling over about his swim lesson.  He was so excited!  He had a wonderful time with you and he was so pleased with what he was able to do.”  Katie H.

“I am new to triathlon racing. I started working with Coach Caron in January of 2013. We started with a comprehensive video analysis of my swim stroke and she immediately identified key issues which needed attention. We spent the next few months working on those issues and we then did another video analysis. The improvement was dramatic, both in my form and in the average pace of swimming I could sustain in the pool. Coach Caron is very patient and flexible. The one-on-one coaching in a private environment with multi-camera feedback is extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Winning Swimming to anyone who wants to improve their swim technique and pace. Both experienced and novice swimmers will see significant improvements from the coaching they get.” Eli S.

“I am 66 years of age and have never been able to master swimming even though I had taken lessons in the past. I just completed lessons with Coach Caron at Winning Swimming and I am happy to report that I am now swimming with ease. Learning to breathe while swimming was the hardest part for me but Coach Caron started me off with very simple exercises until I was comfortable with my stroke and breathing. I cannot say enough how fortunate I was to have found her to instruct me. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to swim!” Terri H.

“I used the tempo trainer on Tues and Wed when I swam, and for giggles I timed myself swimming my new stroke pattern at the tempo we were using on Sat., the slower one (1:10). My 100 time for that tempo, using the longer stroke pattern you are teaching me, is actually faster than what I was swimming at a faster tempo before! And I felt like I was going slower! My rhythm was clearly much more efficient with fewer strokes, longer glide, and more powerful catch and pull. Imagine what I will do when we eventually get it up to speed! I am so happy with everything we are doing together. Thanks!” Deb S.

“Coach Caron is great! She really knows how to teach great swimming technique!” Kris D.

“I have been taking swimming lessons for the past few weeks. I am currently training for a triathlon in September. I am an avid kickboxer and like running but I am weak in the swimming area. I signed up for a class called “Paddle and Pedal”. It is an eight class course with instruction on swimming. I can swim. Wait…I THOUGHT I could swim. I could only tread water! Coach Caron started with the basics of swimming and with observations on how I swim, has come up with suggestions on how to improve my swim stroke and kicking. She has given information on how to float and kicking and arm drills. I have seen a lot of improvement over the past month. I am not as afraid to put my face in the water with the lessons on breathing that Coach Caron has given me. Her training has given me more confidence in the water. I HIGHLY recommend her swim program!!!” Deb D.

“I’ve tried to learn how to swim many times during my life, both as a child and as an adult. Coming from a background as a runner I always figured I was just too lean or my legs where just too dense for me to be able to float ‘right’. I’ve been working with Coach Caron and for the first time in my life I have managed to float on my back without an external flotation device. My face stays clear of the water and I can actually relax and enjoy the feeling of the water holding me up. It may sound so simple to anyone who can already do it, but really what hope did I have of ever learning how to swim if I couldn’t learn how to float? It was a major breakthrough for me on my way to learning how to swim. I’m learning the most basic basics and Coach Caron has been able to help me figure out the things I’ve been missing all these years. I’ve still got a way to go, but I’m confident I’ll be swimming before long and that is a very exciting prospect for me. If you are afraid of the water or have never been able to learn how to swim, or if you are looking for someone to teach your children to swim, I would highly recommend Coach Caron as she has the knowledge and experience in the water to make you feel comfortable and safe.” Michael C.

“Coach Caron is a great coach! Last year I don’t think the class got past 600 yards [with the old coach] so this push and combo has been wonderful.” Kate L.

“Coach Caron is an amazing coach.” Alyssa B.

“The cameras are such an excellent teaching tool…I know you never missed a thing with my stroke and I’m a much better swimmer because of it.” Jessica C.