Swim Lab

Winning Swimming has built a state of the art swim lab to provide unparalleled stroke instruction capability.  Imagine if your coach could stand right next to you on the pool deck and provide instruction while you are swimming. Imagine how much easier it would be to “fix” a problem with your form if you could actually see what you are doing in a mirror. Imagine if there were an easy way to know exactly at what pace you are currently swimming. Our new Endless Pool enables all of this.

Our pool allows us to set the pace for you anywhere from a lazy gentle current all the way up to an Olympian level blast and everything in between. We even have a big bright LED display showing you your current pace per 100 yards. There may actually be a few of you out there who can “beat” our pool’s best pace (100 yards in 49 seconds), but how long can you keep that pace up? More importantly how long can you swim at that pace with perfect form?

Speaking of form, thanks to our pool setup, you won’t have to worry about our staff chasing you all over the pool. You swim in place and our staff can provide a constant stream of feedback on your stroke, body position, balance, breathing… Basically every aspect of your technique can be evaluated in detail up close.

If one pair of eyes isn’t enough, since you are basically stationary we can get great video of your workout so you can watch yourself from a different angle (or four) and see what the coach has been trying to point out. We’ve invested in a SwimPro 4Cam Elite video system that will allow us to capture your stroke from four angles simultaneously above and below the water. If there is something wrong with your stroke we are going to find it and help you fix it. You’ll be amazed at what we find by getting a look at you from under the water.

Are you more into self help? Our swim mirrors allow you to evaluate, and self correct, a number of technique issues. Martial artists and dancers have been using mirrors as part of their training to perfect their form for years. Why shouldn’t you, as a swimmer, have the same simple tool available to you. Imagine how much easier it will be to improve your form when you can see what it is your coach is trying to get you to fix. Again, swimming in place is the key to being able to provide something as simple as a mirror to our clients, and our pool makes it possible. Can you imagine trying to put mirrors down the entire length of even a single lane in a standard pool?

Our Swim Lab doesn’t have the biggest pool you’ve ever seen but we are sure you are going to like it. The swim current is wide, deep, and smooth. The most common comment is that it feels like swimming in a river. Since the Endless Pool is smaller than a conventional pool, we can control the temperature much more easily (we typically keep it a little warmer for swim instruction and a little colder for workouts). We also use a state of the art Ultraviolet water treatment system so we can drastically reduce the amount of chlorine we use. Our pool actually has about the same amount of chlorine in it (in parts per million) as a glass of typical tap water.

If all that isn’t enough to make you want to give it a try, how about this, when you are swimming in our lab you basically have an infinitely long lane all to yourself. You don’t need to share or modify your workout to fit how many people are swimming in the lane with you. You want to work butterfly? Go for it! The lane is all yours. Want to sprint? Swim as fast as you want as long as you can keep it up. Feel like a nice slow swim to stretch out those muscles? There’s nobody behind you tapping your feet trying to get you to speed up. Once you try Winning Swimming, you may be spoiled and never want to share your lane again.

Schedule a Test Swim, if you are at all curious about our Swim Lab.