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Head Coach – Carolanne Caron

Coach Caron has been swimming since the age of 1 because her mom couldn’t swim so, of course, the children needed to learn. That was the beginning of the best gift ever for Coach Caron. Growing up, she spent every moment possible at the town pool, went through all the swimming lessons, became a lifeguard and a water safety instructor, taught lessons, managed a State Championship swim team, and swam and dove for the high school team. Now, Coach Caron competes in triathlon events, participates in masters level swim classes, attends seminars with industry leaders, and is a USA Swimming Certified Coach, an American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 2 Certified Coach, Certified Stroke Technician, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 (Pn2) Certified Coachpn2-logo, and a Canfield Certified Trainer in the Success Principles. She

has spent years studying different methods of swimming and adopting the pieces jack-canfield-certified-webwhich work. She specializes in knowing how to incorporate a good swim into a triathlon event. Triathletes need to have something left for the bike and the run so she will make your swim as efficient and as easy as possible.

Even though Coach Caron is educated and trained as a CPA, her first love is swimming. Winning Swimming has been a life-long dream to help others learn how to swim and to love swimming.

Coach Caron is also approved by the State of New Hampshire as a presenter for Water Safety for Childcare Providers and has developed a comprehensive program and presentation which qualifies for the Water Safety training required for caregivers providing water activities for their charges.

Coach Caron is empowering swimmers and triathletes to achieve their personal best swim and be safer in the water.  Whether you want to start to swim, improve your swim, or learn about water safety, she can help you through private coaching, online learning, children’s books, and live presentations.  How can she best serve you?

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Tech Support – Michael Caron

Michael has been playing with computers and “technical stuff” since he was a kid and still gets a crazy look in his eye when a particularly cool piece of tech is dangled in front of him. By day Michael works as a Software Engineer. By night (or any other time Coach Caron needs the help), he transforms into Tech Support Guy. Hero to the Winning Swimming staff and bane of snafus, glitches, and crashes everywhere.

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